Curvature Sub III is the subwoofer that complements the Curvature III line array. It is designed to minimize its size and manageability, but at the same time achieving high performance.

The result of a system consisting of several units of this subwoofer is spectacular, making its design with 12 “suitable even for applications in medium-sized installations, both indoor fixed installations and outdoor events.

Curvature Sub III is equipped with 2 12 “high excursion speakers and Neodymium magnetic group with a BL factor of 18Tm. It also incorporates a system of double ring intermodulador that manages to reduce the distortion mainly of the second harmonic. Finally an anti-humidity treatment of the cones and the chassis allows you to face the harshest working conditions.

Its band pass design gets a good control over the excursion and allows a good extension in the frequency response even at the lower frequencies.

    • Neodymium Transducers
    • Excellent for all distances
    • Suitable for tours or fixed installations
    • Corporate events
    • Subwoofer reinforcement in theaters
    • Live subwoofer
  • Frecuency Response: 40Hz-150Hz
    Dispersion: 360º Vertical
    360º Horizontal
    Power Handling: 1600W AES
    3200W Peak
    High Pass Filter: 42 Hz 18dB/octave Butterworth
    Sensitivity (1W/1M): LF 96 dB
    MF 96 dB
    HF 115 dB
    SPL Max: 90º -6dB
    Nominal Impedance: LF 16 ohms
    MF 16 ohms
    HF 16 ohms
    Drivers: LF 1×8″
    MF 1×8″
    HF 2x Planar wave driver
    Crossover: Active 3 ways
    Input Connections: 2 x Speakon NL8
    Rigging: Curvature II Strap System
    Enclosure Shell: Birch (15mm)
    Finish Enclosure: Black Epoxy
    Dimensions (mm): 270x964x400
    Weight: 28 kg
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