Curvature III system is a 2-way active small line array system. It is designed for use in spaces of medium capacity and is capable of providing high levels of sound pressure in relation to its size and weight.

For use as a voice booster it can be used without subwoofer. It has a horizontal dispersion of 90º and allows both hanging and staking.

For the reproduction of the bass frequencies two neodymium speakers of 6.5 “of very high excursion and with a mobile coil of aluminum of 1.7” are used. Both transducers are protected against moisture by a membrane treatment.

For the high frequencies, a 1 “neodymium motor with a 44mm aluminum moving coil wound on a kapton support is used. Mounts an annular diaphragm of polyester. This motor is coupled to a waveguide and diffuser made in one piece.

    • Very compact and lightweight
    • Simple, fast and integrated rigging system
    • Horizontal coverage of 90º
    • Triamplified
    • Neodymium Transducers
    • Excellent for all distances
    • Clarity, intelligibility and precision
    • Vertical directivity adjustable in steps of 1º
    • Suitable for tours or fixed installations
    • Curvature Design Center Software
  • Frecuency Response: 74Hz-20Khz -3dB
    Low Frecuency Limit: 53@ -10dB
    Power Handling: LF 400W
    HF 80W
    SPL Máx: 138 dB (4)
    Sensitivity (1W/1M): LF 95 dB
    HF 112 dB
    Dispersion: 90º Horizontal / 8º Vertical
    Nominal Impedance: LF 16 ohms
    HF 16 ohms
    Drivers: LF 2×6.5″
    HF 1×1″
    Crossover: 2 vías @ 1200Hz
    Input Connections: 2 x Speakon NL4
    Rigging: Curvature III Strap System
    Enclosure Shell: Birch (15mm)
    Finish Enclosure: Black Epoxy
    Dimensions (mm): 173x580x335
    Weight: 12 kg
  • Documentation Curvature III