Curvature I Array System is a 3-way line-array system designed to provide high-quality music and voice reinforcement in a variety of applications. It can be used in theaters, concert halls and conferences without subwoofers.

For use on tours, it is recommended to add Curvature Sub I and Curvature Systems are highly suitable for sound reinforcement in pavilions, stadiums and outdoor festivals.

Its horizontal coverage of 90 ° provides an excellent stereo image. The rigging system allows both left and right configurations. The system has been designed to be hung but it is also possible to use it stacked.

Curvature I requires a digital processor to maintain optimal array performance across the area to be covered.

The loudspeaker system has 3 active, bass, mid and high frequency channels with a total of 8 drivers. For low-frequency reproduction, an 18 “speaker and a 4.5” coil are used in a bass reflex reflex cavity, capable of supporting 700w of pink noise signal with 6 dB peak for 8 hours (as per eia rs -426 to standard).

For the midrange range, 4 10 “neodymium speakers capable of supporting continuous 800w of pink noise are used, coupled to their own cavity providing high efficiency and intelligibility of reproduction.

For the treble path uses a pair of 2 “drivers with titanium diaphragm coupled to a wooden horn with vertical groove and 90º that provide optimum performance and coverage. The drivers are capable of supporting 225w of pink noise with 6dB of ridge for 2 hours.

The Curvature I enclosure is constructed of 19mm 13-layer baltic birch wood and is coated with a black textured epoxy paint, which makes it resistant to environmental conditions

    • Very compact and robust
    • Simple, fast and integrated rigging system
    • Horizontal coverage of 90º
    • Triamplified
    • Excellent for all distances
    • Clarity, intelligibility and precision
    • Suitable for tours or fixed installations
    • Curvature Design Center Flying Software
  • Frecuency Response: 40Hz-17Khz
    Low Frecuency Limit: 1 Enclosure -3dB/45Hz
    Power Handling: LF 700W
    MF 800W
    HF 225W
    Sensitivity (1W/1M): LF 98 dB
    MF 109 dB
    HF 116 dB
    Dispersion: 90º -6dB
    Nominal Impedance: LF 4 ohms
    MF 4 ohms
    HF 5.3 ohms
    Drivers: LF 1×18″
    MF 4×10″
    HF 3X2″
    Crossover: Active 3 way
    Input Connection: EP8
    Rigging: Curvature II Strap System
    Enclosure Shell: Birch (19mm)
    Finish Enclosure: Black Epoxy
    Dimensions (mm): 140x50x57
    Weight: 120 kg
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