EASE Focus 3 is an acoustic simulation program for 3D modeling of line arrays, sub arrays, digitally steered columns and conventional loudspeakers. Ease Focus 3 supports all CURVATURE AUDIO systems. 

Get to the heart of EASE Focus 3:

  • Simulation of our vertical arrays Curvature conventional point sources, subwoofer Curvature placement and calculating complex sub arrays
  • Flexible definition of audience areas, section views and receiver locations evaluation including the incorporation of venue maps for optimised visualisation of your project
  • Immediate calculation of the sound coverage and the frequency response
  • Detailed interims report for planners, engineers, integrators, customers and users

With EASE Focus 3, system designers can simulate the acoustical performance of the entire sound system to find the optimal setup for a given venue with multiple audience areas, curved and inclined seating. Focus 3 assists the user with many intelligent features such as auto splay functions, Virtual EQ, and detailed analysis of sound coverage, SPL and frequency response.